Your avenue to the next generation.

Use Genie avatars to craft innovative campaigns that engage the next generation with your brand.

How can Genies elevate my brand?

Your campaign will span across multiple social influencer accounts, leading messaging platforms, and your own social media. This 3-way integration will root your brand into the next wave of consumer behavior.

Our roster's consumer reach across all channels

Our talent roster

Partner with top tier talent

As the first ever agency to represent talent through digital avatars, we provide you access to previously inaccessible talent. You’ll be paired up with talent from our Genies Media Network to produce your own unique promotional content.

Browse our avatar closets to find styles that represent your brand

Use Genie avatars to introduce your latest clothing, accessories, and more to the next generation of consumers. They can try on your styles and purchase clothing they see their digital selves wearing.

Offer Branded Actions For Users to Share

Product placement meets the digital sphere. Own the conversation around keywords relating to you brand. Genie actions featuring your brand can be used in iMessage, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Giphy, Messenger, and more.